Month: July 2011

Shanghai Dumplings: A Mouthful of Delight

Shanghai dumplings or xiao long bao are one of my favorite things to eat. As you bite into these delicate dumplings, you get a burst of flavorful goodness. What is it about these dumplings that make them so unique? It’s not the… Read More

The Basque Experience: JT In Gardnerville

I’ve never been to Basque Country which is the coastal area between Spain and France, but last night had an interesting and fun experience with Basque food. We were only thirty minutes away from Gardnerville, Nevada where a few Basque restaurants are… Read More

Luka’s: A Great Pre-Show Meal

One of my favorite places to eat is Luka’s Taproom in Oakland. Although there is a room set up for music and dancing, I am more interested in the bar and restaurant. I have been eating at Luka’s for many years which… Read More