Chicken Buns: Good Luck Dim Sum

The best area for Chinese food in San Francisco has not been Chinatown for a number of years. Those that seek out good Chinese food are likely to make a trek over to the Inner Richmond area. It has also been referred to as the “New Chinatown.”

What lies between me and New Chinatown, San Francisco is a bridge and a thirty minute drive so my trips out there are fairly infrequent.

My friend introduced me to the chicken buns from Good Luck Dim Sum in the Inner Richmond and I was hooked. What is nice is that when she is in the area, she’ll text me and ask if I want her to pick me up some chicken buns. The answer is always yes!

As a kid, I remember not liking chicken buns because they were overwhelming, the size of a grapefruit, too much bun, and inside was also an egg that seemed to make it dry. This was not a snack item, it was more like a meal.

I like the chicken buns at Good Luck Dim Sum. These are more like the size of a tennis ball. In the center of the soft white bun is a chicken based meatball boasting with flavors that include green onions and ginger. I actually like having one for breakfast or a mid day snack. They are also inexpensive, three for $1.60.

I tend to buy more than I can eat at once. I reheat them by wrapping a wet paper towel around one chicken bun and microwaving it for about thirty seconds. They also freeze pretty well.

Go early on the weekends because they tend to run out in the afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Buns: Good Luck Dim Sum

  1. I’m looking for a nut-free dim sum place in the bay… ideas? I’m hoping to take my elementary class, but we have some nut allergies in the mix. Any suggestions are welcomed!

    • Hi Emily! That is a tough question. The most common/popular dim sum dishes likely do not have nuts in it. (I.e. Pork buns, shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings). I think you should call around and make sure you speak to someone that is fluent in English. They may not think about peanut oil so make sure to mention that as well. Good luck!

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