First Fridays: Food Scene

My BFF and her sister invited me to go with them to Oakland Art Murmur. This event is held every first Friday of the month around Downtown Oakland. We walked into various businesses, including coffee shops and bars that have set up the work of local artists. There were several galleries in the area that I have never been to. Walking through this made us pretty hungry.

My BFF’s sister introduced us to her friend’s food stand located close to Koreana Market on Telegraph Ave. Tai of Simply Garlic sells garlic noodles and vegan spring rolls. It looks like the noodles are prepared in advance and heated up on a small propane operated grill. By the time we got to the front of the line, the rolls were sold out. We ordered two plates of garlic noodles to share. Garlic noodles are one of my favorite things to eat so it’s nice to know there is place where I can occasionally access good ones.

We walked a few feet away to another street vendor called Powered by Pork making pork tacos. We got some pork belly tacos to share.

At the time, I thought the tacos were just average. Having just done a little more research, I’m impressed with Powered by Pork. It’s clearly run by one guy and on his bike. I didn’t even notice the bike when I was there. I feel like I might need to try this guys passion again.

There were lots of people around downtown walking around. We decided to head back towards Quarter Pound Giant Burgers. We weren’t going for burgers, but to look at the retro classic cars all lined up in their parking lot.

And across the street, we discovered “the Eatup,” a place where food trucks gather in one place. “The Eatup” happens every Friday evening from 6:30-11:00 on 21st Street and Telegraph Ave.

The most attractive truck to us was Sam’s Chowder Mobile that travels all the way from Half Moon Bay. We split the pricey lobster roll and an order of french fries with bay seasoning. The fries were too salty for me, but the roll was awesome as expected.

I had a fun evening and rediscovered how cool and hip Oakland can be. If you haven’t been to First Fridays in Oakland, what are you waiting for? Art is supported by good food. Next one is August 3rd.


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