The Ramen Shop: Making Ramen Trendy in Oakland

The Ramen Shop joins a long list of Oakland restaurants who’s chef owners trained in the Chez Panisse kitchen. Other restaurants/bakeries include Cosecha, Bakesale Betty, Oliveto, Boot and Shoe Service, Camino, and Pizzaiola.
Last night my BFF and I arrived at the Ramen Shop for a late night meal. The restaurant has a cool vibe with hip music. On weekends they stay open until midnight. We arrived after 9pm and waited about 25 minutes to be seated at their restaurant bar. It was nice to be able to have a view of the preparation and cooking.
We started with an appetizer to share. We picked the fried rice which came with pork and sardines. My BFF thought this dish may have been influenced by the Chinese fried rice dish that is made with chicken and salty fish. We both loved it. The flavors were bold and exotic and I liked the consistency and textures of the ingredients.
We each got our own bowl of ramen. They make their noodles in house. My BFF ordered the ramen that came with clams, pork, seaweed, and half a soft boiled egg. The broth was light and was likely a seafood base.
My bowl of ramen had a miso based soup which is thicker in consistency and came with black cod, pork, and half a soft boiled egg. The egg in both our bowls were steeped in a soy mirin mixture that gives it extra flavor.
The bowls of noodles at the Ramen Shop are priced at about $15. Some may say that is not worth the price of a bowl of noodles. You do get high quality ingredients and it is worth the price for me when my alternative is Orenchi in Santa Clara, a long trek away. The Ramen Shop is making ramen trendy in Oakland.


4 thoughts on “The Ramen Shop: Making Ramen Trendy in Oakland

  1. So glad you reviewed this place. Have been wondering about as I heard it could get pricey. Tried to go once but the wait was over an hour. Will try again later. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sharon. We were told 45 min, but in actuality it was 25 min. Maybe go early or late. You can’t think of yourself going out for a bowl of noodles, rather think of yourself going out for good food!

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