Best of London

I realized that I didn’t document my food experience in London or Paris very well on my blog. Borrough Market in London was great and so was that dinner at Le Comptoir in Paris. This week’s blog will focus on my best eats in London and next week will be my favorites in Paris.

I’ll start out with my favorite coffee shop in London. I was lucky to find Tapped and Packed one block away from my hotel. I was at T&P every morning which enabled me to redeem a frequent drink card on my last day for a free beverage. Sometimes I ordered a skinny latte and other times I got a flat white. Lots of customers were there for their drip coffee. I enjoyed the vibe there and even tried their delicious homemade sandwiches.
20140727-224736-82056594.jpgTapped and Packed
193 Wardour Street

I sat down for an actual English breakfast once during my time in London and it was at Regency Cafe. I ordered the set breakfast which came with an egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans or tomatoes, bread and butter, and coffee. I asked for both the beans and the tomatoes and an extra side of hash browns. Hey, I wasn’t coming back, at least not on this trip. My favorite things were the baked beans, the tomatoes, and the hash browns so I am glad I ordered the extras.

20140727-224946-82186212.jpgRegency Cafe
17-19 Regency Street

My friend and I actually had Afternoon Tea twice in London. The better of the two was at The Wolseley. It is a fancy restaurant with servers that are very formal and attentive. I have had High Tea at plenty of nice places with good tea, sandwiches, scones, and desserts. But in no other place besides London can you get such amazing scones with clotted cream and jam. The whole experience of people having their nose up in the air and their pinky pointing up is worth it for the scones, clotted cream and jam.
20140727-225727-82647486.jpgThe Wolseley
160 Picadilly

I actually had scouted out a restaurant serving dim sum a couple of months before my holiday started. Coming from San Francisco, it’s hard to imagine wanting to have dim sum while in London. Let’s just say A. Wong puts dim sum to a whole new level of sophistication. Imagine a siu mai (steamed pork dumpling) with a crispy chicharrones on top. Imagine a har gow (steamed shrimp dumpling) with a citrus foam on top. That is what I am talking about!
20140727-225442-82482763.jpgA Wong
70-71 Wilton Road

My favorite dinner was at Nopi. I discovered Chef Yotam Ottolenghi about six months ago and when I found out he had restaurants in London, I knew I had to go. Nopi serves Mediterranean food. My friend and I shared quite a few dishes. My favorites was an appetizer of Burratta cheese and peaches and the dessert called Pomegranate Mess. It’s a take on the dessert Eton Mess with meringue, cream, and strawberries. Our version had mascarpone and sorbet.
21-21 Warwick Street

There goes my London picks. Check back next week for my Paris picks!


El Techo de Lolinda: San Francisco Rooftop

A group of five friends met last week at a rooftop restaurant/bar I discovered recently in the Mission district of San Francisco. To get there, you have to pass a “bouncer” on the street, walk through the hallway of a building, and take an elevator to the “PH” aka Penthouse. El Techo de Lolinda is a popular spot for food and drinks. Many a time, there is a line to get up there, but luckily for us we got there early and didn’t have to wait.

The food is set up as tapas where you can share. We enjoyed ordering our food a little at a time throughout the evening. Aside from our cocktails, the first things we ordered were the chips and guacamole and the pollo frito. The servers were really nice and when one noticed that we were out of chips and still had guacamole, he brought us more chips without us requesting it. The pollo frito is fried chicken thigh pieces with jalapeño. They were temperature hot, crispy, juicy, and had a little hint of sweetness and spicy kick. Later on, we ordered a second helping because it was that good.
El Techo has chicharrones on their menu that you can order as a half pound, full pound, or one and a half pounds. We ordered a full pound of roasted and fried chunks of pork shoulder. It also came with tortillas, black beans, and other condiments. The chicharrones were delicious. It was extremely tender and many of the pieces included some fat which made it all the better.
We ordered some elote or grilled corn with sour cream, chili, and lime. It always feels like summer when you get to eat fresh corn. It’s also worth having kernels stuck in your teeth when it comes to Mexican corn.
We were not done with the grill. El Techo allows you to order a mix and match of various skewers in different amounts. We ordered two shrimp skewers and one chorizo. These were really nice to share. The shrimp was cooked well and the homemade chorizo had great flavor.
We shared two desserts. The first one was the dulce de leche flan with passion fruit jelly and almond streusel. Our party had a nut allergy so had to have the streusel on the side. I was quite full and just had a taste. The flan was a bit dense and I have had better. Maybe if it was better I would have had another bite.
The second dessert we ordered was the chocolate ganache. It was topped with graham cracker crumbs and strawberries. The chocolate had added flavors of cinnamon and cayenne which was nice. I thought this dessert was much better. I was full, but managed to have two bites.
I really enjoyed our evening at El Techo. It’s a great place to hang out with friends especially on a nice day. The views from the rooftop are amazing as well.

English Breakfast: Just Can’t Get Enough

A big congratulations goes out to Germany for winning the 2014 World Cup. It was an exciting game to watch as both Germany and Argentina was at its best. I watched the game at Commonwealth Cafe & Pub on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. It was my first visit and it was a packed house. I’m not sure if I was having British pub withdrawals that brought me here, but it was definitely a good time.
My friend ordered the French Toast which came with mixed berries, clotted cream, and syrup. I love clotted cream and it made for a perfect brunch item for Commonwealth. It wasn’t on their regular menu, but a special item for the day. My friend was really happy with the dish and she shared some of it with me. I liked how the toast was made into strips so you get a lot of the crust which I think is the best part of French toast. The berries were fresh and in season. And did I say I am in love with clotted cream?
In London, I enjoyed a typical English breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, hash browns, beans, and toast. I highly recommend the Regency Cafe for it. Here is the photo of my recent breakfast in London.
I noticed the Commonwealth had beans and toast which I ordered. It sounded so comforting and not too heavy. I am sure it’s not the top item on their menu but I enjoyed it and it hit the spot.
We watched a lot of food being served and it all looked really fresh and good. Commonwealth is a great place for food and to watch sports. The menu seemed quite authentic to British pub fare and I know I’ll be back soon.

I forgot to mention Commonwealth serves a variety of beer on tap as well as bottled, have ciders available and makes a decent Bloody Mary. They also carry beans from Oakland’s RoastCo and have an espresso machine. All your drink needs will be met.

Dinner in St. Germain: Le Comptoir

It’s night three in Paris and this evening’s dinner is the best thus far for me. After our visit to the Louvre, we headed to St. Germain for an early dinner at le comptoir. My friends and I ordered a bottle of Bordeaux to share.
We got three different entrees (appetizers). One of my friends ordered the bisque froide ou chaude (lobster bisque). It was a little too thin for me, but she enjoyed it because of the kick.
My other friend obsessed with foie gras because she can’t get it anymore in California, got the foie gras de canard des Landes de Sandrine Paris. The French version of foie gras is typically cold and served like a pate to spread. It was quite rich and we were only able to eat half of it.
On the recommendation of a Canadian woman sitting next to us, I ordered the escargot. I was glad I had the experience of escargot in France as they were quite good.
Our plats (entrees) arrived next. One friend ordered the daube de joue de boeuf coquillettes et carrots (beef stew). The beef was extremely tender and melted in your mouth. The carrots were amazing as well.
My other friend and I both ordered the carre d’agneau roti au thym haricots tarbais, echalotes au xeres (lamb chops with white beans). I loved my plat.
The three of us ordered three different desserts. One friend ordered the pot de creme chocolat guanaja. This was very smooth and tasty.
My other friend got the pannacotta vinaigre balsamique. It was very standard fare.
I got the most interesting dessert, the baba bouchon, chantilly, rhum. This dessert could get one drunk with all the rhum poured on it.
We ended the evening like locals, with a cafe.