What I Ate Before and After the Berkeley Half

Today was the Berkeley Half Marathon and my second half marathon this year, actually it’s my second half marathon ever. It was pretty brutal because it rained. I was getting really soaked by mile 10 and could feel my feet getting soggy. I persevered and actually made a personal record shaving off six minutes from the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in San Diego earlier in June. My finish time was 2:20:23.  At this point, I am exhausted and I hope I won’t feel this way tomorrow. But I thought I’d share my pre and post race meals.  

So they tell you that the night before a race you should carb load. I love my carbohydrates so it was something to look forward to. Pasta is usually a good choice for carbs, so I decided on take out from Lo Coco’s on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. They sometimes have a papadelle with porcini mushrooms and I was in luck since it was available. I decided to also get a side of meatballs so I can also have some protein. I ate about half of everything and thought it was a satisfactory meal.  

My friend who was there to support me through the race had asked me where I wanted to eat after the race. I said dim sum so we made our way to Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant in Richmond since we were pretty close and it’s one of my favorite places for dim sum in the East Bay. We got a good variety of items.  
I am a very lucky person because I have at least one adopted family that are very generous and welcome me to their home for holiday meals or just because they made something they know I like. This family was having visitors in town so they invited me for Sunday dinner and I agreed. It was a trek, but I made my way to Broadway Prime in Burlingame. I had my prime rib medium rare with creamed corn and a loaded baked potato. It also came with a fresh popover. It was family dinner for them, but a great post race meal.


Petit Crenn: One for the Books

Women and girls all over the Country were disappointed this week that the highest and hardest glass ceiling did not break. In the restaurant industry, women are continuing to fight this battle. Just a few weeks ago, Michelin Stars were announced and some observations were made that Atelier Crenn, Dominique Crenn’s fine dining restaurant in San Francisco should have received three stars, the highest rating. Dominque would have been the first female chef to earn that accolade, but it did not happen and the restaurant remains with two stars.
My good friend from New York came to visit two weeks ago and took me out for a birthday meal. We thought about Atelier Crenn, but with a price tag of $298 per person, we opted for Dominque’s other restaurant Petit Crenn in Hayes Valley in San Francisco. The restaurant is focused on seafood and vegetables. The preparations were very French, but with a California freshness.  

The menu is a set menu that is served family style and here is what we had that evening:

Complimentary Gruyere gougeres with pickled onion gelee

Shigoku oyster and heirloom tomatoes.

Tartine of grilled mussels

Fluke, grilled squash, and gnocchi with mushrooms

Little gem salad

Poached pear galette


I appreciated that the food at Petit Crenn was delicious, innovative, and on the lighter side.  I was filled by the end. The presentation contributed to the overall experience that I will savor. The meal is one for the books. 
Women like Hillary and Dominique are indeed breaking glass ceilings, being role models, and fighting for equality. I found this Ted Talk with Dominque Crenn on her experience and how she measures success, and I continue to be inspired.