Food is my passion.  I am passionate about every aspect of good food, whether it’s shopping for ingredients at farmer’s markets or produce markets, cooking for friends and family, or sharing a good meal at a restaurant.  Obsessive?  Perhaps, but my life is enriched by good food and part of that enjoyment stems from sharing this experience with others.

I want to thank my friends who dine with me and have the patience to wait for me to take photos before they eat.

Thanks also to my contributors:  Debbie H. and Michele B. are my editors and occasionally provide photography.

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7 Comments on “About

  1. Hey Lisa, I’ve finally signed up! Looking forward to keeping up with your food thoughts!


  2. Hello there,

    First of all just want to say love your blog!

    Have you ever had the pleasure of eating at Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse in City Center Oakland?
    You should definitely stop buy and bring your appetite because there is no shortage of food here.
    Enjoy Rodizio style meat service as well as the buffet which includes salad as well as hot dishes.

    We hope to see you soon, we would love to hear what you think about our food.

    • Hi Alicia! Thanks for your nice comment! Funny thing is that I have never eaten at a Brazilian Steakhouse and have always wanted to. I had heard that you opened up in downtown oakland. I plan to check it out sometime! Thanks!

  3. Just discovered you and would like to add you to my food media list to receive hosted media meals because I do restaurant pr, I am based in Berkeley and I have had more than 800 clients over the last 30 years, many of which might be of interest to you.

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