A Hike and a Dip

Today was our last day in Tel Aviv. Before we checked out of our hotel, we had a nice continental breakfast at the the Renaissance Marriott. The USA would lose in a continental breakfast competition with the rest of the world. The spread was elaborate with a huge variety.

I didn’t want to overdue it so I just had some scrambled eggs, fruit, some roasted vegetables, and a bagel. The server also made me a cappuccino.

We rented a car and was heading south to the port town of Eilat in Israel which borders Jordan. We would make a couple stops before reaching Eliat.

First stop was hiking Masada National Park. We hiked the winding Snake Path up to the mountain top to find the remains of the fortress built by Herod the Great.

Story has it that the Jews committed a mass suicide before they would fall to the Romans. It was quite a sight to see and you get a stunning view of the Dead Sea which was where we were headed next.

We drove to Ein Bokek Beach, where we were able to change into swimsuits and walk right into the Dead Sea. It was a little cold when I first walked in. The salt water forces you to float. I had a good time giggling because I kept rocking on my back like a rocking chair. It was a weird feeling, but really fun. The outdoor shower was a must to try to rinse all the salt away.

We were super hungry after that experience and found a place to eat close by. I enjoyed an Israeli beer, French fries, and grilled lamb chops.

After dinner we made our way to our hotel in Eilat. It was a perfect day!