Gunther’s: Good Old Fashioned Ice Cream

It’s so hot today that I don’t feel like doing much and all I feel like eating is ice cream. Actually, I had Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia for dinner. It was perfectly refreshing. Having this flavor reminded me of the recent road trip home from Reno with my nieces and nephew. We stopped in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento to an ice cream parlor that has been open since 1940. The long line out the door and into the streets speaks to the goodness of Gunther’s Ice Cream.
The website describes the technique they use to make their ice cream. Gunther’s Ice Cream uses a slow, hand-controlled “Batch Freezer Method” to process their ice cream. This method is similar to the hand cranked ice cream machines used in the early 1900’s. They also use a higher percentage of butterfat cream which produces a rich and creamier ice cream.
With over forty flavors to choose from, I ordered Bing cherry on a cone and was happy to bite into chunks of cherries. The kids each got something different. There was Swiss orange chip, chocolate chip, and mint chip. I ordered some additional vanilla bon bons that were a hit. I had to explain that a bon bon is a chocolate shell that covers a bite of ice cream. They understood as I told them it was a giant Nestle Dib.
Gunther’s is a great neighborhood spot for good old fashioned ice cream. I will remember to go back when I’m in the Sacramento area.