Porto’s Bakery and Cafe

One of my favorite flights is the Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Burbank. I like it because it is one of the shortest flights. You are in the air for about fifty minutes. The flight attendants are funny. Both airports are small and that makes getting in and out fairly simple. I like the Burbank airport because you get to enter and exit from the back of the plane. Last weekend I flew in and out of Burbank and now have another reason to love the airport. The Burbank airport is two miles from Porto’s Bakery and Cafe.

Porto’s Bakery and Cafe is a Cuban bakery that has been in existence since 1960. This family owned business has three shops in the Los Angeles area. My brother has been bringing back cheese rolls whenever he has gone to Southern California.

One of the most popular items at Porto’s are the cheese rolls, which are delicious pastries with a cream cheese filling. They have a sweet sugar glaze on top of the crispy flakey puff pastry.

A few months ago, a friend brought some cookies to share on a day hike. They were dulce de leche kisses from Porto’s. Let’s just say I was never able to forget them. These buttery cookies have a somewhat chewy center of dulce de leche.

Porto’s is a very popular bakery especially on weekends. They are so popular that they could run out of your favorite things. To prevent this, you can pre-order in advance and let them know when you would pick up. The pre-order line could also save you waiting time.

On this trip, I returned home with a few dozen pastries and cookies. It meant I would have an additional carry-on so I would have to check-in my suitcase. Another reason to love Southwest.