13.5 miles in Tel Aviv

Today was a marathon of exploring Tel Aviv, Israel. I literally walked (over) a half marathon wandering around, and eating of course!

We left the hotel at 9am and the first stop was to get coffee. The front desk recommended a close by coffee stand called Aroma that was just off the beach. When we arrived, we found a machine we could order from so that was great. My cappuccino was mediocre. I just needed some caffeine to start my day which did the trick.

We were headed to Jaffa, an old port town. We passed several beaches with lots of people watching. I kept thinking “muscle beach” with all the physically fit runners, people doing yoga, playing volleyball soccer, and working out on public exercise equipment.

According to a few internet resources including https://www.seetheholyland.net/jaffa/ the story of Jonah and the Whale allegedly starts out in Jaffa.

We were hungry and I spotted Abouelafia Bakery, an Arab bakery with a huge display of deliciousness. I ordered the za’tar pita bread which they warmed up in their wood fire oven. It was delish!

Next we were on the hunt for the best hummus in Tel Aviv. Abu Hassan appears to have that recognition. We got the trio bowl which included the traditional hummus, one with a kick, and one that tasted like lentils.

It didn’t wow me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the traditional hummus which was smooth and creamy.

we walked the streets of Levinsky and passed through the market that was selling lots of dried fruits, nuts, and spices. I had to buy some za’atar to take home. It is really good to sprinkle on popcorn.

I could sense a blister starting to form on my foot so I needed a rest (and the bathroom) so we stopped for an aperitif. There are quite a few outdoor bars which felt a little like Paris.

We stopped at a Miliely’s Pharmacy so I could buy some band aids. Doctor Miliely assisted me in locating them and became inquisitive. So the story goes on that Dr. M sat me down and looked at my foot. He said that it would get infected soon and recommended that I apply iodine and the bandaids. He even provided cotton and watched me apply the iodine before putting on the bandaids for me. Dr M was right when he said I wouldn’t get such service in the United States! My foot feels great.

We ended up going back to Jaffa to have a late lunch at The Old Man and the Sea. At this Mediterranean restaurant, you get 22 different small side salads. It reminded me of Korean Banchan, but better! If you didn’t have enough of any, they will gladly provide you with a refill.

I ordered the schnitzel which came with fries. When my plate arrived I was disappointed. The fries were limp and oily and the chicken was dry and over cooked.

My friend game me one of her lamb chops which was super good.

We walked back to the hotel and took a brief nap. We were too full for dinner so we went to grab some gelato from

Golda. The Belgium chocolate and pistachio nut is amazing. Technically it was day 2 of Golda because we got it late last night when I arrived.

Now I’m back in the hotel resting and writing. I’ll be ready for another fun filled day. Stay tuned. I’ll write and post when I can.