Food and Architecture in Tel Aviv

We are staying in Central Tel Aviv and this morning we walked to La Bonne Patisserie for some coffee. I noticed that sufganiyat, the jelly filled donuts were available so we picked up one of those and one filled with custard. This would hold us over until Frishman Falafel and Frishman Sabich opened for breakfast.

Falafels are available all over the Bay Area, but not sabich. A sabich is a pita bread stuffed with deliciousness.

This one had thin strips of fried eggplant, boiled egg, potatoes, loaded with vegetables, and topped with cheese. I only arrived in Tel Aviva on Sunday night, but I can’t imagine eating anything better than this. The pita was fluffy and the stuffings just melded together. It was heaven in a pita. Hopefully I’ll have time to come back to the falafel side.

Today we planned to learn about Bauhaus. I’m not talking about the 80’s band. Bauhaus is a type of architecture and

Tel Aviv has the largest collection of buildings using that style, over 2000. A mass migration of immigrants came to Tel Aviv during the 1930’s so many of these buildings were constructed during this time which became known as the White City. We did a self guided audio tour through the Bauhaus Center which was very informative.

Our next stop was the Carmel Market. There were loads of vendors selling everything under the sun. One block over was a nice craft fair with hand made items.

On our way back to our hotel we took another break and had a glass of wine. I had a rose from Jordan while sitting in front of the beach. It was cool to watch a bunch of kids getting surf lessons. I did a quick internet search to see where we might go for dinner and was able to make a reservation at a highly rated restaurant.

After showering and a quick nap, we made our way to Merloza, which was located back at Carmel Market. We shared several dishes including kohlrabi carpaccio, white fish ceviche, fresh bread, grilled snow peas, and fried fish drum wings aka collar. The preparation of every dish was not only unique but very tasty.

In keeping with tradition, we ended the evening at Golda for gelato!