Post Backpacking Meal: The Farm Table in Placerville

I just got back from a four day backpacking trip on a segment of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) starting from Sonora Pass to Ebbetts Pass, which is roughly 31 miles. My fitbit tells me I hiked about 40 miles!  

This was a daunting experience as I am coming back super tired. This time my injuries included a lot more mosquito bites including one above my eyelid and a blister on my hand from using tree branches as hiking sticks. It was totally worth the blister and I am now considering getting some real poles. I had three sleepless nights. I realize I am just not used to sleeping in a tent in the great outdoors. On day two, we endured a thunderstorm that included hail. It lasted roughly three hours where we had to hide under trees. Much of my items got soaked which meant a really rough night of sogginess. 

So what’s great about backpacking? Well, I do like a challenge! I love hiking in general and got to see such amazing scenery which some of would be impossible to reach in half a day. I got to see the mountains change colors in front of my eyes according to the sun. I enjoyed waking up in the mornings to breathtaking views with a cup of coffee in hand and having the warm sun beam down on me. 
 We counted nearly 100 varietals of wildflowers this time around.  
 We didn’t have gourmet food on this backpacking trip, but our first meal back absolutely was. On our drive home, we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at The Farm Table in the town of Placerville.  The Farm Table is a restaurant and a market that specializes in house-made sausages and charcuterie. The lunch menu mostly consists of sandwiches. We each ordered a sandwich and a side.

 There is a daily sausage sandwich and today’s was an Andouille sausage with roasted peppers with their homemade ketchup and bun. My friend ordered it with a side of potato salad.  
 Another friend had a caprese sandwich with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. She added a cup of cold cucumber soup.
 I got a BLT which came with their homemade dry cured bacon. In addition, I requested a side of roasted vegetables with romesco sauce.  
 We shared a slice of almond torte which came with an apricot jam.  
 Everything at The Farm Table was fresh and delicious. We each thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I even bought some of their packaged items – bacon and duck confit. 

 Their dinner menu makes my mouth water.  If you have to drive through Placerville, take the opportunity to stop at The Farm Table for some awesome food.