Cafe Reyes: Point Reyes Station

Point Reyes Station is a little town about 35 miles north of San Francisco. I spent this past weekend there for work which is almost two years since my last visit. It was also the last time I wrote about restaurants in the area. Link to Point Reyes/Tomales Bay blog post I complained a little about the pizza I had at Osteria Stellina which warranted a suggestion from a reader about a restaurant called Cafe Reyes which serves great pizza right in town.

From my understanding, Cafe Reyes used to serve Mexican food. In early 2008, they imported a wood fired oven from Italy and began making pizza. To be truthful, I have had Cafe Reyes on my mind for the past two years. Finally, I had lunch there with my colleague. I ordered the butternut squash and asparagus soup to start. This soup had the perfect consistency which was not too thick or thin. The flavors from the vegetables were amazing especially with the added hint of ginger.

My colleague ordered a fresh green salad to start. It was a large salad so she shared some with me. It was a simple salad with few ingredients. It was fresh and basic, but nothing special. The nice thing about both appetizers were that they each came with a small slice of garlicy cheese pizza. This was crispy, chewy, and wonderfully flavored and I was looking forward to the whole pizza that was forthcoming.

We agreed to share a margarita pizza. This is another restaurant that uses 00 flour, the finely ground flour imported from Italy. The crust was delicious, however I was missing a bit of salt on my pie. With the marinara sauce and mozzarella, I was surprised by this. I’ve never had to do this before, but it was a quick fix with the salt shaker. The only shaker I’m used to shaking on pizza is the red pepper shaker. I actually enjoyed the complimentary slice that came with the appetizers much more than the margarita.

We didn’t have dessert this time, but I look forward to going back to Cafe Reyes for a second try. Dessert and a meaty pizza will be on my mind.