An Accidental Find: Mike’s Pastry, Boston

I just returned from a quick trip to Boston. I had some really good food, but this blog post is my story of Mike’s Pastry. Firstly, someone is a marketing genius. I’m not sure if I found them or they found me. I was on the Freedom Trail when I saw someone walk by with a box in hand. The box had “Mike’s Pastry” printed on it and was tied up with long white string. The name looked like it was written with a sharpie.

I quickly yelped the shop and it was clear I was close by and I had to try the cannoli. I did. The chocolate chip cannoli was awesome. It had a crisp shell and the ricotta cheese filling was dense and wonderful. The mini chocolate chips on each side gives it great added flavor and texture.

I returned the next day for another cannoli. It was Saturday evening and the line was out the door and halfway down the block. Feeling like a regular (yelp called me a regular since I checked in two times), I cut through the line and went straight for a table. I was out of the cold, sitting down, and had my cannoli and cappuccino in front of me within ten minutes. This place was a madhouse. For the thirty minutes that I was enjoying my dessert, well over a hundred customers came through to buy pastries.

If you’re in Boston, Mike’s Pastry is a must try. Hey, it’s a great place to stop and take a break while on the Freedom Trail.