Aperto: A Great Solid Meal


A few weeks ago I had dinner with my Food Companion (FC). I have been wanting to try Aperto, the sister restaurant to Bellanico. I previously wrote about Bellanico and I’m proud to call it my neighborhood restaurant. Aperto is also a neighborhood restaurant, but not mine. It’s located in Potrero Hill in San Francisco.

I started with the Caesar Salad with dressing on the side. (Remember I am on Weight Watchers). The romaine lettuces were left as leaves and came with one large homemade crouton which I thought made a nice presentation.

My FC ordered the sformato which came with wild mushroom-frisee salad, truffle oil, and manchego. Sformato is a molded dish that is either sweet or savory. I think it’s a cross between a custard and a pot de creme in consistency. I’ve seen it pop onto many restaurant menus in recent years including Bellanico. The mushroom salad was a nice bonus.

They have a daily fish selection of the day as well as meat selection of the day. My FC got the fish and I got the beef.

We can’t remember what the fish was, but it was a white fish that was very delicate. The flavor was nice which was probably attributed to the broth and onions. He enjoyed his pick.

The beef selection was prime rib roast. It had been quite awhile since I had prime rib so I went for it. It was perfectly medium rare and came with mashed potatoes and spinach. For $22, I thought this was a bargain. The meat was like butter. Thinking about it now still makes my mouth water. I definitely used up some of my weekly available Weight Watcher points for this meal.

For dessert, we shared the warm chocolate soufflé. It came with Italian wet nuts and whipped cream. I think the wet nuts could’ve been removed from the plate. Maybe I just don’t like wet nuts. It would have been just fine with the whipped cream alone.

Aperto met my expectations. I hope the next time I go, I am lucky enough to pick the day they make another prime rib roast.