Introducing Foodnap

I love to eat. I love to travel. That’s why I am writing about a new tv show/website that my friends launched called Foodnap. They have been in production for 3.5 years, traveling around 14 cities in 6 countries.
Foodnap is not about diners, drive-ins, or dives. It is not about the finest Michelin star restaurants. Foodnap is about finding who they think are the best chef’s around, moms. I would tend to agree. I have been eating my moms food for over 40 years and my stomach happily comes back. I appreciate how my mom can just whip something together so easily without much thought.
On the tv show, the host Steffany gives a brief overview of the featured city. She then goes into the kitchen of a local mom to learn how to cook their choice dish. At the end, the family enjoys the meal together. What the show attempts to do is to bring cooking shows back to the basics. It’s about learning how to cook, like following a recipe.
Why am I writing about Foodnap? The shows creators have produced a few shows, but there are still more to produce. They are currently seeking additional funding via If you prefer not to donate, support them in other ways. You can let others know about their site by sharing this blog or giving them feedback.

Good luck Foodnap!