La Grande Orange: Pasadena

Last Sunday I was in Pasadena with a colleague. Ever since I discovered The Luggage Room Pizzeria, I have been dining there every time I am in the area. Housed in the same building at Pasadena’s Del Mar train station is La Grande Orange (LGO) Cafe. This visit I would try LGO.

We were told to try their white wine sangria. What we thought was a carafe of sangria was a pitcher. What a deal as it was the price of three glasses. It was quite tasty and refreshing for this warm evening.

We started off with some house made guacamole and chips. It also came with a
charred tomato salsa which was really good.
LGO has a custom Italian hardwood rotisserie so I couldn’t resist ordering the prime rib of beef that was cooked in it. The entree came with mashed potatoes and asparagus. The beef was tender and delicious.
My colleague ordered the grilled ahi tuna tacos. It was made with sushi grade ahi that was grilled rare and came with a kale salad. It was very L.A.
The table next to us had ordered a few different desserts and I asked them which one they enjoyed the best as we were debating over the key lime pie or the red velvet cake. They were pretty clear that the key lime pie was not to be missed. I was excited because it was the one I was leaning towards. This slice of pie had the perfect topping of whipped cream. The tart of the lime and the sweetness of the cream was heaven. A plus was that it came with the vegan strawberry gelato from Grateful Spoon in Phoenix. This dessert was the perfect ending to a nice meal.