Long Island’s Lunch Truck

I was in Long Island, New York visiting my friend two weeks ago. The beach, the house, corn on the cob, etc were all great and memorable. But there was a gourmet food truck that stood out for me. It’s actually called the Lunch Truck at North Fork Table & Inn. The North Fork Table & Inn is likely the best restaurant in Long Island serving American and comfort cuisine focused on organic and seasonal foods. The restaurant is only open for dinner, so in their backyard they have a food truck parked there serving lunch.
The Lunch Truck has a variety of foods. My friend and I decided to share a couple of items. I could not go to the East Coast without a “Lobsta” Roll so I ordered one here. The lobster roll was delicious. It had the nice buttered and grilled bun with a simple fresh lobster filling. I kinda wished I had more than half.
It went well with the local North Fork Potato Chips. These kettle cooked chips are now my favorite potato chips. They are thin and crispy. I discovered I can order them online and have them shipped to my home. This could be dangerous as potato chips are one of my weaknesses.
We also shared the spicy chicken posole with hominy, tomato, cilantro, and lime. The posole was complimented with a bag of blue tortilla chips. This soup was very flavorful and comforting. Since I typically only get posole once a year, it was a treat. It was also nice to try one that had a tomato base.
Two weeks later and I’m still thinking about the Lunch Truck. The food is excellent and the space they utilize is great for picnics. I can’t imagine a trip to Long Island or the North Fork without a stop here.