Pig Tales: My Adventures in Pork

This tale is an ode to bacon.

I remember when bacon was just something you had as a side for breakfast.  These days it is more than just a complementary food.  Bacon is now king!  Bacon is so popular that you can even purchase a subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club. 

Dynamo Donuts in the Mission District of San Francisco is known for their unique donuts.  I’ve been intrigued by the bacon selection for awhile.  Recently a friend and I decided to drive across the Bay to San Francisco one morning just to pick up some donuts and bring them back to the office.   The master chef donut maker at Dynamo Donuts rotate an assortment of 7-10 varieties of donuts daily.  The flavor that is available every day until sold out is maple glazed bacon apple. 

As it turns out, we were destined to take the trek that morning!  As we waited in traffic to get through the toll plaza, we found ourselves behind a truck with the name “BACON” stenciled on the back.    We next scored a parking spot right in front of Dynamo that already had an hour on the meter.  Then, as I put the car in park, the morning show DJ’s that we had been listening to happened to receive a delivery of Dynamo Donuts from one of their clients. A bacon trifecta!

We arrived at about 8am and these were the selections available:

  • carmel de sel
  • lemon thyme
  • vanilla
  • maple glazed bacon apple
  • chocolate spice
  • milk chocolate passionfruit

It’s a good thing there is a bridge away from me and Dynamo or it could be a very dangerous thing.  Dynamo, keep up the great work!

My bacon fever now at its height, I decided to check out a maple bacon latte that was sold in the same neighborhood.  The Pirate Radio Café was about seven blocks away from Dynamo Donuts.  This is my kind of community! Although I was hesitant, I had to go for it.  I needed something to wash down my maple glazed bacon apple donut!

The latte is made of two shots of espresso, refined bacon fat, maple syrup, whole milk, and topped with bacon bits.  I was surprised but the latte was quite tasty.  Upon his visit Anthony Bourdain called it “evil and good” and that is the perfect description.  If you drink your coffee slow, I would recommend removing the bacon bits after they’ve settled.  It was kind of gross when the melted fat bits softened and went down my throat without the fatty flavor.

I hope that this blog is the first of my “Pig Tales: My Adventures in Pork”.  I am entering a contest to win eight trips around the world by Backroads.com called “blog your way around the world”. I ask for your support in letting me blog around the world about the “other white meat”.  I’m sure there are bacon-loving communities around the world and I can’t wait to visit them and share my travels with all!  Please vote for me!  http://www.blogyourwayaroundtheworld.com/blogs/view/997