Primavera: Spring Time Chilaquiles

I love me some chilaquiles. Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican dish typically served for breakfast. The base of chilaquiles are corn tortillas that are cut into pieces and fried and coated with a sauce (green or red). Assorted ingredients are then topped over these chip-like pieces. Did I say I love me some chilaquiles?
When my BFF mentioned a place that serves chilaquiles at the Ferry Building’s Saturday Farmer’s Market, we quickly made plans to go. We arrived at the Farmer’s Market yesterday around 9:30am and found the Primavera food stand towards the back of the market.
There were people around the food stand waiting for their order, but only one person in line. This was great since reviews on yelp indicated to expect long lines.

The menu had a few items on it, but we didn’t have to look further than item #1, Guajillo chili chilaquiles, which we both ordered. The chilaquiles plate also came with scrambled eggs, refried beans, sour cream, avocado, and queso cotija.
The chilaquiles themselves maintained its crispness until the very last chip. The scrambled eggs were soft, fluffy, and local. I added some additional salsa to my eggs. The refried beans were delicious and creamy. These chilaquiles were definitely some of the best I have had.

I ordered the fresh strawberry lemonade which was amazing. I felt like I was drinking candy. This was the best strawberry lemonade I have ever had.
The trip to Primavera was a success. I would definitely make the trip out there again, but I’m just not sure I will be able to see pass item #1 again.