Prospect: Chez Chic

I envy the residents that live in the Infiniti Towers in San Francisco. Why so? The gorgeous condominium is close to the Bay, walking distance to the Ferry Building and AT&T Park, and has a chic restaurant offering fine food. I finally had the opportunity to dine at Prospect recently. Prospect is the sister restaurant to Boulevard also located in San Francisco.

My two friends and I started out with some fun cocktails. They offered us a list of specialty cocktails, but you can also have the bartender tailor a cocktail to your tastes.

We decided we would do some sharing amongst the three of us. We would start with two orders of the mushroom and squash soup. Like many fancy restaurants, you get a bowl of goodies and the waiter pours the liquid part of the soup into the bowl in front of you. It was nice of them to divide the orders and give us each our own bowl. It was smooth, creamy, and divine. Adding mushrooms to a butternut squash soup can surprisingly make a soup special.

We also shared the baby artichoke and burrata salad. It came with some prosciutto. This was a nice appetizer to share because we could pick at it.

One of the entrees we had was the rib eye steak which came with onion rings, mashed potatoes, and green beans. One of my friends was a good sport and allowed me to order the meat medium rare. Although she typically likes her meat well done, I think she enjoyed the juicy, tender version we ordered. This All-American dish was spot on.

The other entree we shared was the sea bass which came with fingerling potatoes, broccoli romanesco, and clams. I tried a small piece of the fish and thought it was quite delicate and delicious.

We ordered one dessert to share which was the ginger spice cake. It came with poached pear, huckleberry sauce, and walnut ice cream. The combination worked well together.

Dinner at Prospect reminded me that I was eating in a culinary Mecca. For special occasions, I would highly recommend Prospect. They also offer some less expensive options like happy hour, brunch, or Sunday Supper.