Sunday Special

After a nearly four hour hike to Mt. Tamalpais, my friends and I went to Sol Food in San Rafael. Yes, I have written about this Puerto Rican restaurant before, but we picked up food next door at Sol Food Bodega. You can order anything from the restaurant at the Bodega.

My usual consists of the ribs from their rotisserie oven. Bringing them back in traffic to Oakland was probably not the best idea. They were a little dry this time around. Adding some of their homemade spicy vinegar jazzed it up, but still didn’t quite compare to the first time I had them at the restaurant.

My friend ordered the daily special. Sunday’s special is the marinated roast pork. It comes with Puerto Rican rice and a Puerto Rican tamale. The marinated pork was tender and flavorful. The rice was cooked with pigeon peas and green olives. Their tamales or pasteles are cooked in banana leaves. This was a really great dish and made me curious what each day’s specials are. I really want to go back on Wednesdays when they serve arroz con pollo, or chicken and rice.

P.S. If you like tart, their fresh limeade rocks!