Fish in Sausalito. Don’t forget to bring cash.

A visit to my friend who recently moved to Sausalito meant a visit to Fish.  This restaurant overlooks the marina.  The restaurant is casual where you go to the counter, order your food, pay by cash, get a placard with a number, pick up your own silverware, find a seat, and someone delivers your food.  I was just taken aback when the cost for two of us was $100.  Let’s get to the review of the food before we start judging. 

We were having an early dinner on this beautiful sunny day.  We came to Fish so we could enjoy the outdoor seating, which are filled with picnic tables and benches.  I was happy to see the “Marin Organics” sign.  This means this restaurant supports and uses local and sustainable foods. 

We each had a glass of white wine which came in mason jars.  Being new to this place, we ordered half a dozen bbq oysters.  These local oysters were from Cove Oyster Company and were delicious.  They were bbq cooked and then had a dab of bbq sauce on top of them.  I loved the taste of the sweet and smoky sauce with oyster juice running around the oyster.  To me this means they were cooked perfectly. 

My Food Companion (FC) ordered the tomato garlic basil soup and in his words “had a great blend of flavors.”  This vegan soup was also surprisingly creamy.  I am stumped at what kind of substitute could have been used in place of heavy cream.   

I had the fish and chips.  Three fairly decent sized fried halibut came on top of a mound of steak fries.  The batter was golden and crispy and the fish was delicate and fresh.  I found two areas that need improvement on the fish.  It could have used less batter.   I tore off one big chunk of fried batter which I left on the plate.  The fish also needed seasoning.  I had the salt in one hand and malt vinegar in the other.  I still enjoyed my fish and chips very much.

My FC had one of the specials which was grilled salmon with roasted potatoes and veggies.  The salmon was also well prepared.  It was fresh, soft, and the flavors from the creamy sauce balanced the entire dish. 

Since strawberries are in season, it’s hard for me to ignore anything on the menu that has strawberries.  My FC and I shared the strawberry shortcake for dessert.  From each ingredient – the biscuit, the strawberries, the sauce, and the whipped cream, it was definitely high quality.  It wasn’t out of the ordinary, but it met my expectations. 

The food at Fish is great and the view at Fish is awesome.  There are two things that I don’t like about Fish.  It should not be cash only.  Who carries that much cash?  Good thing my FC had cash.  The other thing is that they really need a bathroom inside the restaurant.  I didn’t end up using it because I didn’t want to feel like if I was at a gas station, needing to go outside and around the back.  Yeah, maybe their prices are a bit steep.