The House: A Kitchen You Can Count On

The House is a small restaurant located in North Beach in San Francisco. I can’t remember the first time I ate there because it was close to twenty years ago. I do however remember what I had as an entree. It was the same entree I had on my most recent visit.

My friend and I shared two appetizers, one we were familiar with and one which was new to us. The blue lake green bean tempura is always yummy. Whenever I order vegetable tempura at a Japanese restaurant, I tend to get a variety of vegetables and maybe one measly string bean. This is my way of getting my green bean fix. They are light, crispy, and delicious.
I don’t know a lot of people who like chicken liver, but since my friend also does, we ordered the deep fried chicken liver with baby greens. Essentially, this was a salad with a few chunks of fried chicken liver. We mutually agreed that it was mediocre. Next time I will go back to ordering the deep fried salmon rolls. Those are always excellent.
So what continues to bring me back to the House is the grilled sea bass with garlic ginger soy. This perfectly grilled fish is light and when dipped into the soy is pure deliciousness. It also comes with a choice of rice or garlic noodles. Get the garlic noodles as they are some of the best I have had. I am still trying to replicate it at home. More green beans come with this dish and lucky for my it’s one of my favorite vegetables.
My friend also tends to order the sea bass, but since she was at the House fairly recently, she asked for curry noodles with grilled chicken. This is on their lunch menu, but they were open to making it for her as a dinner entree. This is a rich, flavorful dish and one of her favorites.
We were too full for dessert, but I don’t recommend that you skip this course. The food at the House is consistent and you can count on being comforted by your meal.