Cholita Linda at Jack London Square

What is Cholita Linda?  If my name were Webster, I would define Cholita Linda as the vendor at the Jack London Square farmer’s market serving up the best fish tacos. 

Jack London Square (JLS) is one of the coolest places in Oakland.   You can enjoy Jazz Music, catch a movie, have a good meal, shop for furniture, have a beer where the famous writer hung out, enjoy the waterfront, and take a ferry into the City.  I am confident that the recent developments of new restaurants, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Miette Patisserie and more to come will make this area boom.  The farmer’s market on Sunday is the best one in Oakland.  I like it because it has great vendors like Cholita Linda and Beckman’s Bakery.  I always feel relaxed coming here on a Sunday.  I think it’s due to the free parking and the fact that it’s spacious and not crowded. 

I discovered Cholita Linda through Yelp as it often would pop up on the “best of” lists.  I was curious to learn about it.  After reading the reviews, I knew I had to try this place. 

It was a warm Sunday and I arrived at JLS.  I did a little perusing and shopping before stopping at Cholita Linda for a snack.  I was shocked that there were only a few people in line because the reviews mentioned a very long wait.  I ordered their cantaloupe agua fresca and a fish taco.  Agua fresca is Spanish for fresh waters.  It is typically made from fruit, sugar, and water.  The agua fresca was amazingly refreshing and yummy.  A cold beverage on a hot day is bound to be good, but the taste brought refreshing to another level. 

My one fish taco was quite pricey at $4.  The fried tilapia on the corn tortilla was topped with cabbage and cream.  It came with a few chips topped with salsa and cheese.  The food is made to order, so it was temperature hot.  As I bit into the taco, I was in a state of bliss.  The texture of the fish was crunchy on the outside, yet very soft and delicate on the inside, and the toppings blended together wonderfully.  The chips were also excellent.  I could just taste the freshness in every bite at Cholita Linda.  Thanks Yelp!  I will be back and next time I will come for a full meal and order three fish tacos.

I also discovered that Cholita Linda is working on opening up a bistro and I can’t wait!