Enjoying San Antonio, Texas

I’m currently wrapping up my trip to San Antonio. My BFF and I head back to Austin in the morning. We’ve spent a day and a half touring the area and eating great food. This is my first time to San Antonio and I am surprised by how much I like it. The weather has been great. Highs have been in the low 90’s and it’s so comfortable to eat outside at night. We’ve gone up and down the Riverwalk, toured the Alamo and a few other missions, and had some excellent meals.

My favorite meal was lunch today at Boudro’s on the Riverwalk. We started with two of their specialties, prickly pear margaritas and guacamole made at the table side.
Prickly pear is the fruit that comes from some cactus. An old friend of mine would make yummy agua fresca with prickly pear which is the only other time I’ve had this fruit. The margaritas were white and fuchsia, rimmed with chili flakes, beautiful and delicious. My BFF and I had two each.

Our waiter came back with a cart and started to make the guacamole in front of us. It was fun to watch him make fresh guacamole. He used the typical ingredients like lime juice, salt, avocado, red onion, cilantro, diced tomatoes and chili. The one ingredient he added to the guacamole that I was unfamiliar with was the juice from an orange. The chips and guacamole were delicious.

Between the drinks and the chips and guacamole, I was becoming quite full. I decided to just order the chicken and tortilla caldo. This soup was delicious. It was brothy and the flavors were spot on. I did run out of broth before the rest of the ingredients, so it would have been nice to have more broth to go along with chicken, queso, avocado, squash, and crunchy tortilla strips.

My BFF also went with something light. She ordered the chili-fried gulf oysters. They were served on yucca chips, with serrano honey aioli, pineapple pico de gallo, and greens. She thought they were very fresh and perfectly fried. Having cleaned off her plate, I know she enjoyed her food as well.

I would highly recommend San Antonio as a place to visit. This city has a lot of history. And when you visit, a stop at Boudro’s is a must.