Fentons Creamery: An Oakland Tradition

Fentons Creamery is an Oakland tradition, making handcrafted ice creams and sauces since 1894.  Fentons moved to their current storefront on Piedmont Avenue in 1961.  Although ownership has changed, it continues to be a family business bringing joy to ice cream lovers of any age including myself.

As a child, I had fond memories of Fentons.  I remember sharing “The Kitchen Sink.”  This is many scoops of ice cream and toppings on a display that looked like a model kitchen sink. 

My favorite thing today is still the “black and tan.”  This is toasted almond ice cream and vanilla ice cream layered with caramel and fudge sauce, topped with toasted almonds, whipped cream, and a cherry. 

Fentons opened a second location in the Nut Tree in Vacaville in 2007.  This is perfect for travelers on the I-80.  I’ve stopped at this location a few times, driving back from a long road trip and wanting to enjoy something special.  This is also a signal that I am an hour from home. 

The animated Pixar movie “Up” released in May of last year prominently featured Fentons.  I recall watching the film at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland; and when Fentons appeared, it got huge applause from all their fans. 

I just discovered Fentons scoop shop opened up at Terminal 2 of the Oakland airport.  For those Southwest Airline travelers just coming in and out of the Oakland airport, it gives them an opportunity to try something famous.

This is the first weekend of summer and a trip to Fentons was calling me.  Of course I ordered a black and tan.  It’s great that they offer this in a junior size making it perfect for me and my waistline.