Ice Cream Filled Donut: The New Craze?

Last weekend, my friends and I spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe. On our drive home, we stopped in Sacramento to a shop called The Parlor for what could possibly be the newest craze. The Parlor calls the snack an Ice Cream Puff, which is basically a donut that is split open and stuffed with ice cream with the option of adding toppings.
The Parlor doesn’t bake their own donuts nor do they make their own ice cream. They have relationships with vendors who make the products for them. I thought the donut was ok, but the ice cream was better than average. They had unique flavors as well.

Another shop that makes a similar product is Baker’s Donuts in South Sacramento and they call them “Ice Glazers.” Makes you wonder if this will be the new craze and whether the shops have trademarked the names.

The choice of donuts when we were at the Parlor was either the glazed donut or the apple fritter. My friends and I all chose the glazed donut, but chose different ice cream flavors.
One of my friends and I decided we would each get a different flavor and split them. My Ice Cream Puff was the sea salt caramel which is caramel ice cream with a pinch of sea salt. Unfortunately my ice cream filling was melting really quickly and the donut was barely warm.
My friend whom I was sharing with ordered the Green Machine which was mint ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies. The results of her Ice Cream Puff was better. The donut was a little warmer and the ice cream stayed firm.
My other two friends ordered the best flavor we tried. Midnight in Paris is coffee ice cream with Nutella chocolate chips. They added toasted almonds as a topping which gave it additional texture. It was not attractive looking because it looked like a pate’ sandwich.
The ice cream was so tasty, that one of my friends ordered an additional cone. Personally, I don’t think the craze should be about an ice cream filled donut, but about the coffee ice cream with Nutella chocolate chips.