Juhu Beach Club Revisited

I typically don’t write about the same place twice, but since I’ve been writing for six years, I can see from time to time the need to revisit. Today I went to the Indian restaurant Juhu Beach Club (JBC) in Oakland for weekend brunch. (Read my previous post about Juhu Beach Club.)

I convinced a friend to share two items with me. One of the items was the “Hangover Cure Bacon Fried Rice.” Using basmati rice, this dish was stir fried with bell peppers, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, mango, cured bacon, hot sauce, and topped with a fried egg. The additional spices of chili, mustard seeds, and curry leaves gave it the JBC punch that made it special.   

 We also shared the Winter Chicory Salad, which included mixed greens, dried cranberries, blood oranges, beets, and pistachio nuts in a vinaigrette. This was very fresh and light and I thought it matched well with our fried rice perfectly. 

Another friend ordered the “Croque Memsahib,” which is JBC’s adaptation of the Croque Madame. It had two fried eggs with chai spiced brown sugar bacon, spicy melted Jack cheese on buttery white bread. It came with a familiar and delicious tamarind ketchup and a side salad to balance the dish. My friend was really drawn to the interesting bacon. How could anyone not be? She really enjoyed the dish in its entirety. 

Lastly, JBC creates a version of Fried Chicken and Waffles called “Fried Chicken-N-Doswaffle.” that another friend had. The green chili fried chicken is fried with a thick cornmeal crust. The light colored Belgian style waffle is made of dosa which tasted kind of like grits. The dish is complimented with a black pepper butter and sweet and spicy syrup.   

I have always considered the food at JBC to be very creative and the brunch menu supports that notion.