Kwik Way Revival

Tonight is the first time I stood in line at Kwik Way in Oakland’s Lakeshore District.  It took me 40 years to eat here.  This retro fast food burger joint first opened in the 1950’s.  Restaurateur Gary Rizzo is behind this revival and has made a number of changes.  They still have burgers, fries, and shakes, but you can also find things like barbecue pork sandwich, pizzas, and cobb salad.  They did however lose the drive through and added outdoor seating.

The lights were on at the Kwik Way, so my friend and I decided to stop by since it was pretty late with few options for late night eating.  Since I couldn’t have the beef, I went for the veggie burger.  My friend ordered the regular burger with cheddar cheese.  We shared an order of fries and onion rings.  I couldn’t resist ordering the coffee milk shake.

I am not an expert on veggie burgers.  I’ve eaten a handful in my lifetime.  After biting into the patty, I found it to be very smooth like mashed potatoes, and I’m not saying it in a good way.  It tasted like a Boca Burger.  I added some of their homemade spicy ketchup to give it a little more flavor.  My friend thought her burger was very tasty, not like a fast food burger at all.

The onion rings were flavorful and crispy, but fell apart as I bit into them.  I really enjoyed the french fries as their version has parsley flakes.  And that homemade spicy ketchup makes it even better.

The coffee shake was the winner for me.  I was watching the guy making it and he loaded it with a lot of ice cream.

Having opened less than 48 hours (I think), I think Kwik Way is testing the waters.  If they are open to feedback, please add a turkey burger.  It makes more sense than pizza or a pork sandwich.

I do think it is cool that Kwik Way has reopened.  I hated walking by and seeing cobwebs and graffiti.  It’s good for the City of Oakland and it’s good for late night eaters.  Maybe someday soon Guy Fieri will come by to feature Kwik Way on his show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  It does have that je ne sais quoi!