The Waterbar: Worth a Visit on a Nice Day

One of the biggest reasons I choose to live in Oakland over San Francisco is because it is typically at least ten degrees warmer in Oakland. But on the occasion when the fog is clear and the sun is beaming, I would wish to be no where else than San Francisco. We had one of those days recently when my friends and I went across the Bay Bridge to have lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I recommended the Waterbar at the Embarcadero. We got to sit in the outside patio upstairs. It was a beautiful day.

The Waterbar is known for their oysters on the half shell. Everyday before 6pm, they have a featured oyster that they sell for $1 a piece. It comes with a tasty citrus mignonette. We ordered a dozen oysters to start. What a great deal.

It was fun to enjoy lunch cocktails as well. I really could stop writing here. The Waterbar is one of the best places to enjoy oysters on the half shell and drinks. The rest of the food is a bit inconsistent. There were some hits and misses.

I’ll just share with you what was enjoyable. The salmon tartare was a nice appetizer. The bright orange color was not only a sign of freshness, but it was attractive.

The soup was presented beautifully. The waiter poured the corn soup into the bowl of shrimp and creme fraiche. It was rich and creamy and quite tasty.

The entrees were not so good. I think I had the best entree which was the trout. Especially good was the nice charred skin on the fish. In my opinion, the other dishes aren’t worth mentioning.

For dessert, we chose to have a blueberry bread pudding. The taste was just okay. I am only mentioning it because it was nice that they decorated the plate.

Service was quite slow, but we weren’t really bothered by it because we were not in a rush and were just appreciating the day.

The Waterbar is a fun place to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with drinks, oysters, and maybe a few appetizers. With Indian summer coming up, there will be some great opportunities.