Victory at Easy Lounge

Woo! Hoo! The 49ers had a victory today so they will play in the Divisional Playoffs next Sunday which makes the team that much closer to another Super Bowl. The BFF and I went to our neighborhood bar Easy Lounge on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland to catch all the action. We were the first to arrive and got our pick of seats at the bar between the two screens.
Aside from a good football game, Sunday early afternoons call for Bloody Marys in my book. Bloody Marys are typically made with vodka, tomato juice, and lots of spices and added condiments like celery and green olives. I heard good things about the Bloody Mary at Easy Lounge and knew that was what I wanted after seeing the jars of homemade pickled vegetables. They had green beans, cucumbers, carrots, and radishes.
Our Bloody Marys came in cute mason jars and topped with the pickled vegetables. The vegetables are very different from the condiments in a traditional Bloody Mary, but it still made me feel like I was having a meal.
Interesting fact about Easy Lounge is that their lease does not allow them to sell food until after 4pm because they are located in a building with other restaurants. No one said they couldn’t give it away so they were serving frittatas with a side salad.
The bar also allows you to bring in food so I picked up some crispy tacos from Chipotle. Nothing to rave about but it did go well with my next drink called Swamp Thing. This cocktail has tomatillo salsa water, mezcal, tequila, lime, agave, chili verde salt rim, and topped with crumbled tortilla chips. The taste was smokey which I enjoyed.
I had a fun time at Easy Lounge and think the bartenders do a great job with cocktails. What started out as an empty bar became standing room only. Cheers!