A Little Piece of Thailand

There is a Thai Buddhist Temple tucked in the City of Fremont that my sister-in-law frequents. Wat Buddhanusorn means “temple for the dedication of the buddha” and opened in 1983. It was built to promote Thai culture and art. Visits to the temple usually means Thai BBQ pork with sticky rice for me. This food is simply amazing and I have been wanting to visit myself for a long time. Last Sunday I had the opportunity to go to the temple and see the origin of this food.

As we drove through the parking lot, it was a reminder of my trip to Thailand a few years ago. Buddhism is really important to Thai people and you can tell when you see the ornate details of the buildings. There are monks inside the temple that many people come to visit.

Outside of the temple is a food haven. Thai vendors are cooking up their specialties. I watched as they grilled up meats, blended papaya salad, and cooked up fresh pad thai. Most of the foods cost about $6. You have to first exchange cash for silver coins that you would use to buy foods. We ended up with a few orders of bbq chicken, bbq pork, papaya salad, and pad thai. Everything was delicious, although the papaya salad was a bit too spicy for me. Reminding me of the street food in Thailand, Wat Buddhanusorn is really worth the visit.