Cheese Board Pizza: Trying Out New Things

I feel as if the Cheese Board Pizza (CBP) is going through an experimental phase.  I have been over to CBP in Berkeley twice in the past several days and not for pizza.  I went over there on Wednesday morning to get fresh donuts.  They were making donuts every Wednesday morning for the month of March.  I went over again this morning.  They are typically closed on Sunday, but they had a Pop Up and was serving chilaquiles.  Are they experimenting?  That’s actually how CBP got started back in 1985, by experimenting with sourdough, fresh vegetables, and the cheese from the cheese shop.  


This past Wednesday was the last Wednesday of the month and my last opportunity to try their donuts.  I bought two donuts, one regular and one filled.   The donuts were made fresh in small batches and dusted with cinnamon and sugar.  My filled donut was injected with a caramel custard sauce.  The outside of the doughnuts had a light crispness and the inside was soft and pillowy.  

I thought CBP did a great job.  However, I felt they could’ve put more custard in the filled one.  It was a very small amount and didn’t reach the other half of the donut.   

 Since Wednesday, I’ve been looking forward to this morning’s Pop Up because I love chilaquiles.  I got there before the 10am start time.  There was pretty much an assembly line to plate the dish.  The ingredients used were organic fried tortilla chips tossed in a red sauce, pinto beans, hen pasteurized eggs, avocado, onion, cilantro, and creme fraiche.  These may have been the best chilaquiles I have ever had.  All the ingredients were so fresh and I loved that the chips remained crispy.  

I was able to capture a team photo of the staff behind the chilaquiles Pop Up.  My message to the Cheese Board Pizza is that the experiments have been wonderful and I’m here for you.  Once a month chilaquiles is a pretty good idea too!