Go Fish: Vancouver

I got back from my trip to Vancouver and Seattle last week. My last visit to Vancouver was in 2005 for my cousin’s wedding, way before food blogging. Vancouver is well known for their fresh seafood. Back in 2005, my cousin took me to a place for fish and chips. As I was researching places to eat, Go Fish Ocean Emporium in Granville Island was slightly familiar. I added this to the must eat list.

On our arrival by cruise ship to Vancouver, my friend and I decided to trek over to Granville Island from Downtown. The walk built up our appetites. I saw a food shack from a distance and thought that it could be Go Fish. It was and the same place I went in 2005.

We had a choice of cod, salmon, or halibut for our fried fish. I chose halibut because it was the most expensive. I think 2 pieces plus fries was $17. Since this was only our first food stop since arriving, we decided to share it so we could eat other things that we hoped to stumble upon. As we awaited for our fish and chips to be made, we got thirsty for something other than water. My friend went back in line to get us a San Pellegrino Blood Orange drink. We hadn’t seen this flavor in the States. While waiting in line, she couldn’t resist a special on the menu and picked up a curry fish soup as well.

Our halibut fish and chips came in a bamboo steamer with slaw and tartar sauce. I was never a fan of tartar sauce and typically go straight for the malt vinegar. This time, I tried the tartar sauce. Go Fish made me a fan. It was so good and way better than malt vinegar. The batter around the fish and the fish itself was perfect. The fries were excellent in both taste and texture.

The curry fish soup was really nice. It was creamy, but not too thick. The curry flavor was unique for a soup, nonetheless tasty.

I couldn’t think of better food to be eating than this while sitting outside by the wharf. I loved the experience of this fish and chips shack. It should be on anyone’s must eat list if they are in Vancouver.