Mogobbq: Korean tacos in the Bay Area

The Kogi food trucks can be credited with aligning social media with the food truck.   Born in Los Angeles in late 2008, Kogi serves fusion street food, combining Korean and Mexican cuisines.  Korean barbecue meats are combined with tortillas which become tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.  In addition, they serve sliders using the Hawaiian roll as the bun and hotdogs that are topped with kimchi.  The social media aspect came to be when their original customers would update their status on facebook about the “tacos”.  From there, the owners began to tweet where they would be parked.  Customers would drive across town to find them and wait over an hour to get their food.  Today, they have almost 80,000 followers on twitter.   I consider them marketing geniuses.  I haven’t followed them down to Los Angeles, but recently found a similar food truck parked across the street from my work. 

The MogoBBQ truck is one of several copycats of the original Kogi truck.  I came out of my building at lunch one day to walk around Lake Merritt and passed by a fairly crowded food truck.  I figured if the line was shorter when I got back from my walk, I would try them.  Lucky for me when I got back, there wasn’t much of a line at all.  The meats available were beef short ribs, chicken, and pork.  They also had a meat alternative – tofu.  Their menu mirrored that of Kogi’s.  I decided to get two tacos – one pork and one chicken.  At $2 a piece, that was reasonable.  I ate them at my desk and was pleasantly surprised how good they were. I enjoyed the pork much more because it had more flavor and the chicken was a bit on the dry side.  The vegetables on top were delicious.  The homemade slaw was made of fresh lettuce and cabbage mixed in a tangy vinaigrette.  The sprinkled sesame seeds were a nice touch.  I became of fan of Mogobbq on facebook and await their return to Oakland.