My Favorite Taco Truck

How far would you drive to get to a taco truck?  Some might think 14 miles is too far considering there are dozens of taco trucks within a few miles away in Oakland.  My BFF introduced me to this particular taco truck in the City of San Pablo a few years ago.  We plan hikes around the area, just so we can treat ourselves to some tacos.  It’s even worth driving on Highway 80 to get to.

What makes these tacos so special?  Does the word chicharrones sound familiar?  Last week, I made a stop to have a chicharrones topped hot dog at the Eat Real Festival.  I can say that I love chicharrones as much as I love bacon.  That shouldn’t be a surprise as there are many similarities between the two.  Chicharrones are fried pork rinds that I can’t seem to get enough of.  The crispy fat is addictive. 

After a short hike in Point Richmond, I persuaded my BFF to drive to the taco truck.  I didn’t have to twist her arm.  I ordered three tacos – one pastor (marinated pork) and two chicharrones.  My BFF ordered a super burrito with, yes, chicharrones.  Although the pastor taco was tasty, it’s just not as good as the chicharrones.  Good thing I ordered two.  The best part of my meal was picking at the chicharrones bits that fell out of the taco onto my plate.  Crispy fat = yum.  Our orders also came with nicely pickled carrots and crispy thin tortilla chips that we had no problem eating up.  We washed our food down with Mexican coke.  Unlike regular coke, Mexican coke does not use corn syrup. 

Her name is Mi Virgencita and she parks in the Texas Gas parking lot on San Pablo Dam Road across the street from Princeton Plaza.  Go find her, but avoid windy days as it’s a hit or miss if she’ll be waiting for you.