Saturday Night at Abigail’s

Last night my bookclub met at a Moroccan restaurant in Alameda that was super fun that I thought I would share.  I would call it a hidden gem because I have never driven southwest of Crab Cove in Alameda to an area called Ballena Bay where Abigail’s Moroccan Cuisine is located.  The sunset views are amazing. Abigail’s is open for lunch on Tuesdays-Sunday and dinner on Saturday only.  We met for dinner which is a set menu.  

Sunset view from Ballena Bay in Alameda

We were each given a mezze plate shortly upon our arrival.  It was a selection of four salads that included potato, red bell peppers, beets, and carrots.

Mezze Plate

The entree was a choice of chicken or lamb.  The chicken was cooked in a tajine with preserved lemons and olives and served on a bed of couscous and vegetables.  I didn’t have this dish but my friends enjoyed it and thought the chicken was very tender.  I remember cooking chicken in a tajine once and it provided great flavor as well as kept the chicken moist.  

Chicken Tagine

I requested the lamb shank with caramelized plums and almonds, which was also served with couscous and vegetables.  The lamb was tender and easily fell off the bone.   It was very comforting and I felt like I was eating at someone’s home.  

Lamb Shank

At 7:30pm, the entertainment began.  A belly dancer came out to perform.  

Belly Dancer

While the belly dancing was occurring, we were served sweetened Moroccan mint tea and cookies.

Tea and cookies

The belly dancer was great and also got the audience involved.  At one point, half the restaurant was dancing with her including myself.  

Joining in the Dancing

The cost for all of this was the bargain price of $25 excluding tax and tip.  If you want to bring wine, they don’t even charge you a corkage fee.  For a Saturday night full of good food and entertainment, I would recommend Abigail’s.  Reservations are recommended.