Alameda Theatre: Watch the Warriors Play

Tonight’s Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Playoff Game 7 is going to be an epic battle. Tickets for this basketball game are going for at least $400 at “Roaracle Arena.” If you are looking for a seat to watch the game with hundreds of other excited Warriors fans, I have got an almost free alternative.  

Starting at 10:30am, you can pick up two entry tickets for the Warriors watch party at the Alameda Theatre and Cineplex. Not only do you get to watch the game on a large movie theater screen, you can eat and be merry. Tickets are technically free, but they ask for a $1 donation to benefit the Warriors Community Foundation. If you are learning about this from me, please consider donating $2!  
I have attended two watch parties and they have been really fun. There is a lot of excitement, but it is still laid back. They have an MC that goes around and asks trivia questions after the first and third quarters. My eight year old niece won a rally towel!  
They also sell raffle tickets to benefit the Warriors Community Foundation and during half time, they raffle off prizes that have included bobble heads, coolers, movie tickets, etc. At one party, they had a DJ that would play music during commercials which makes the viewing party seamless. 

So there are a few important things you want to know about eating and drinking at the watch party. You can certainly get snacks at the concession stand. Whenever I go to the movies, I look for the kids pack which includes a small amount of popcorn, a soft drink, and candy. At the Alameda Theater, the kids pack is $5.
One of the best features about watching the game here is that you can purchase food and drinks from the attached Cinema Grill, get a reserved ticket and your food will be delivered to you at your seat. On one occasion, my friend and I had eaten at the Cinema Grill before the game started and were given reserved tickets.  
We shared two types of chicken wings – spicy and sweet and sour. The chicken wings were organic and both flavors were excellent.
We also had the Godfather Pizza which had toppings of pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, fennel, and arugula. The thin crust pizza was almost cracker like and the multiple toppings offered great flavor and texture.  
They also offer a full service bar, so you can also have beer, wine, cider, or cocktails. For a movie theater, this is as gourmet as you can get. Between the entertainment, the food and drink, and all the excitement, Alameda Theatre and Cineplex offers an awesome venue to watch the Golden State Warriors play ball!