Chicken Noodle Soup: Asian Style

It’s the end of August and Summer in the Bay Area has practically been non existent.  I’ve been accustomed to being awaken by the sun in the mornings, this summer I wake up to dreary mornings and the sun doesn’t peak until the late morning or early afternoon.  I’m not sure if its global warming, but I do know that these days make me crave something warm and comforting – chicken noodle soup: Asian style. 

Pho Ga Huong Que Café is a little dive in East Oakland that is known for their chicken noodle soup.  I think their version is fusion with a combination of influence from Vietnamese, Chinese, and Singapore cuisine. 

Simple goes a long way and that is true in this noodle soup dish.  You have a choice of chicken on or off the bone and you have a choice of noodles.  To really enjoy the flavors, I typically order chicken on the bone and request wide rice noodles. Chopped scallions surround the bowl of soup.  The broth is so rich in flavor that it makes your insides feel so good.  Lastly, each bowl of noodle soup, comes with your own sauce plate of amazing ginger scallion oil.  This is a really simple condiment.  My mother makes a version of this at home and it is made up of minced ginger, scallion, salt, and hot oil.  Only at home, I don’t get my own sauce plate. 

So when it’s a gloomy day or when you don’t feel well, Pho Ga Huong Que Café will hit the spot and for under $6.  Pure comfort!