Coach Sushi: An All Around Winner


The Bay Area has had some unpredictable weather this year. It is finally getting warm. Besides ice cream, one of my favorite things to eat in hot weather is sushi. My BFF and I recently went to a neighborhood sushi restaurant. Coach Sushi is famous for their bottomless saki, but I think they have some of the freshest sushi in Oakland and definitely the freshest in the Lakeshore neighborhood.

At Coach Sushi, you can design your own masu or square wooden box cup. The next time you come, they will retrieve your cup to use again. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to retrieve mine because it was too long since I last visited. My BFF got hers. The “Coach” comes around to make sure your “masu” is always filled to the top.



One of my favorite things I’ve eaten at Coach Sushi is not even sushi. It left a lasting impression on me the first time I had it that I order it every time I eat there. Nasumiso is baked eggplant with miso. It is very soft and delivers a somewhat smokey flavor that is delicious.


Another appetizer we ordered was chawanmushi which is shrimp, chicken, and mushroom steamed in egg custard. It was my first time having it and like the nasumiso, I will probably order it every time I go to Coach Sushi. It was that good. Chawanmushi is very delicate and offers a nice balance of saltiness and sweetness. It just melts in your mouth. It also goes very well with rice, especially the sauce which is a mixture of soy sauce and mirin.


For sushi, I decided on the salmon sashimi. It was plentiful with eight pieces. I was a happy camper.


My BFF ordered a spicy scallop hand roll and salmon roe. She really enjoyed her sushi.


We shared the blue shrimp. Having the blue shrimp was a feat for me as I am not that adventurous. I decided to skip on the fried shrimp head and the BFF was happy to eat both.


If you haven’t been to Coach Sushi, I highly recommend it. Coach Sushi serves delicious food, fresh sushi, and offers a friendly neighborhood environment.