One Word: Marrow

It was a few years ago that my coworker took me to Alameda to visit a food cart that she often frequented. Jon’s Street Eats was the name. I still remember having the grilled asparagus with prosciutto, Parmesan cheese, and a soft boiled egg. Jon was a one man show and it was enjoyable to watch him cook up food out in the open. When Jon’s Street Eats closed awhile back, it was a real disappointment, especially to my coworker.

Several months ago, my coworker excitedly came to me and told me that Jon from Jon’s Street Eats has just opened a tiny restaurant right across from our office called Marrow. His focus is the “whole animal”.
We had heavy rain last week in the Bay Area and that was really what got me in to Marrow last week. I felt like having soup and I didn’t want to wander far. The soup of the day was split pea soup. The soup was not green in color or smooth in texture like other split pea soups I have had. It came with house cured bacon and a lemon cream. It was delicious!
The soup was twelve bucks not including tax. Seems pricey, but it did come with a slice of grilled toast and a side salad made of romaine lettuce, pickled onions, radishes, and boiled egg. This salad was fresh and I loved the dressing.
From the lines out the door at lunch, Marrow seems to be doing well. Jon is serving up flavorful and inventive food. Marrow is located on 17th Street adjacent to the parking lot on Harrison Street. Everyone is eating beef fat fries. What are you waiting for?