Month: December 2013

Quince: Ending 2013 on a High Note

I thought I would end my last blog post of the year with a fine dining experience. Earlier this month, I attended a holiday luncheon at Quince in San Francisco. I was super excited because it is fancy and my first time… Read More

Winter Dough Balls: A Chinese Thing

Today is officially the first full day of Winter. In Chinese culture, this is a day that is celebrated by eating glutinous rice ball soup, called “tong yuen.” I have consumed many bowls of “tong yuen” at my family’s house. I enjoy… Read More

Pass the Chicken, Hold the Service

Last month, a group of us went to Miss Ollie’s for lunch to celebrate our coworker’s birthday. Miss Ollie’s has been open for about a year and is part of the old Housewives Market in Old Oakland. The restaurant serves Caribbean food… Read More