Month: November 2011

Aperto: A Great Solid Meal

A few weeks ago I had dinner with my Food Companion (FC). I have been wanting to try Aperto, the sister restaurant to Bellanico. I previously wrote about Bellanico and I’m proud to call it my neighborhood restaurant. Aperto is also a… Read More

White Gold: I’m Not Talking about the Metal

A year ago I wrote about truffles. I can’t believe another year has passed already. We were dining at Oliveto Cafe because we didn’t have reservations at the upstairs restaurant for the truffle dinner.  My friend didn’t risk it this year, she… Read More

Weekend in LA: Yum Yum

I was in Los Angeles last weekend and explored a few new places to eat. I was also excited to go back to one place that a friend introduced me to during a previous visit. I’ll start with the latter. Joan’s on… Read More